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Amanda Mannes

Dietitian & Wellness Coach


With almost 20 years of experience, Amanda has consulted with clients across various industries, providing personalised coaching and guidance.

Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Health Science with additional training in Precision Health, Wellness Coaching, FODMAPS complementary medicine, and sports nutrition, Amanda brings a strong foundation of knowledge to her work. Her private practice, Accept Health, is renowned for its non-judgemental support and signature Nourish360 program, offering a comprehensive approach to holistic wellness using epigenetics guided AI technology to help women improve energy, vitality, balance hormones and shift weight. 

Amanda's expertise extends beyond individual consultations. She partners with businesses to develop customised wellness initiatives, fostering a healthier and more productive workforce. Amanda empowers individuals and teams to make sustainable lifestyle choices that enhance energy, vitality, and performance.

Living with chronic inflammatory conditions (Ankylosing Spondylitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease) gives Amanda a deep understanding of the impact of nutrition on health and success, Amanda combines her professional experience, education, and personal journey to help clients achieve their nutrition and performance goals. Connect with Amanda to explore how her innovative approach can benefit you.

Amanda also provides contact services to Sage Women's Health and the Vitality Program. 

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I was attempting weight loss with no plan, no idea, no goals, and not knowing how to set anything in motion. 
Amanda has helped me set a plan and supported me in enacting it, She has given me ideas and guidance on how to not only improve my plans but improve myself in the process, I'm now able to set my goal and stick to it.
The best way for me to have set everything in motion was to have made an appointment.
Amanda is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and able to describe concepts in a way that makes them easier for me to understand.


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