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Stop the Christmas Cooking Stress!!

Is this you?

  • The never ending to do list.

  • Your head going a million miles a minute.

  • Walking around in circles asking where your phone is, and it’s in your hands.

  • Christmas overwhelm has struck and you still haven’t planned your meals. And you want to eat food that won't leave you bloated, aching and 2kg heavier after Christmas.

I have your back with my Christmas Recipe Pack

  • Nutrition Analysis You exactly what you eating over the silly season, so you can avoid the kilo creep.

  • Gluten free, diary free options and vegetarian options.

  • Recipes that feel like Christmas You get the Christmas feeling without the bloat, tiredness and food hangover.

  • Reduce your stress and planning. Use the same guide for all Christmas planning to build your menu plan not only for Xmas day but for the whole week or season with 13 recipes from salads to mains.

  • Download instantly so you can start planning right now. After purchase the recipe pack will be instantly emailed to you.


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